DIY Baby Shower Gift / Photo Prop Gift

Brett’s cousin Allie is pregnant with a baby boy due in May, and while Allie and her husband live in Florida now, her baby shower will be hosted in Denver by her older sister early next month!

When it comes to showers – both bridal and baby – I’m always hesitant to go too far off of the registry, because I know that, at least for our wedding, the items we registered for were the ones we most needed. But, I always love to add something unique and handmade in there, too, whenever possible!

Because Allie lives so far from Denver, I decided to ship a few things to her directly from her registry, but I also made this fun little photo prop to give her as a gift on the actual day of, with inspiration from a Fynes Designs blog tutorial. The idea is that she will be able to pose the little man with this prop at the beginning of each new month in his life.

DIY baby shower photo prop tutorial

DIY Baby Shower Photo Prop Gift

What You’ll Need:

  • Chalkboard paint in any color (I used Martha Stewart brand)
  • Paintbrush or foam brush
  • Alphabet letters
  • A small wooden sign (Michael’s has a big variety of shapes and sizes)
  • Hot glue (if you’ll need to glue the letters down)
  • A ruler
  • Chalk to give to the mom-to-be

DIY baby shower gift tutorial

The steps to creating this sign are incredibly easy.

Step One: Using your brush or a foam brush, paint your wooden sign with chalkboard paint. Coat the paint on thickly and resist the urge to thin the paint out when applying it. You want the paint to be applied in a thick coat so there is less chance that it will flake off when you use the chalk on it later.

Step Two: Let paint dry completely (this is important), then apply at least two more coats of paint.

Step Three: Once the paint has dried completely, apply your letters. I used a ruler for reference to make sure they were on straight. I also backed my letters with hot glue just to be sure they stayed on. I started with white letters, but ended up switching to more colorful letters that I found at Office Max to add a pop of color against the black paint. Add any other embellishments you’d like, as well as a circle in which the new mom can write in the appropriate month number, and you’re set!

The total cost of this project was $30 for me, but that was largely because I needed to buy a new paintbrush set (Brett says my problem is that I don’t wash them out correctly, so I’m always ruining them… sigh), which ran me about $14 on their own. All supplies except for the alphabet letters were found at Michael’s, and the board only cost me $3.99!

Happy crafting!